Surf the Web (Preview)

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Windows 8 comes with two programs that you can use to surf the web: the desktop version of Internet Explorer, and the Internet Explorer app, which is the subject of this lesson.

I can open the Internet Explorer app from the start screen.

One of the first things you’ll notice is that the app is full screen, and has controls in the application bar, at the bottom. To go to different websites using the Internet Explorer app tap into the address bar and type in a web URL, such as www.google.com, and tap Go.

The button to the left of the address bar allows us to go back to the previous page, the arrow to the far right of the screen, allows to go forward in the browsing history, back to the page we were on before we tapped the back button. The buttons to the right of the address bar will: reload, access open website tabs, favorites, and additional options, such as downloads.

To open a new website tab, tap the squares icon, and then tap the plus sign, enter a new URL, and then Go. To switch back to an open tab, tap the double squares icon, tap the site to browse back to, and then tap somewhere in the site, to close the application bar. Opening the application bar again, I can close tabs by tapping on their x icons.

So if I go to www.google.com and search for pdf steps, tap on The Four Steps to the Epiphany, and tap Save, I’ll see that the download has completed. I can access files that I have downloaded previously by tapping on the wrench icon, and selecting View downloads.

To save the current website for later reading or reference, tap the star icon in the application bar, tap the star with a plus sign, and tap Add.

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