Posting a New Ad to Craigslist Using cPRO CRAIGSLIST (Preview)

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1. Open Craigslist by tapping on it’s icon.



2. Tap post.

tap post2


3. Tap Post New.

tap post new2


4. Tap for sale by owner.

tap for sale by owner2


5. Tap electronics – by owner.

tap electronics - by owner2


6. Tap into the posting title field.

tap posting title2

7.  Let’s take advantage of voice dictation, to avoid typing. Tap the mic button.

tap microphone2


8. Say a sentence that you would like typed into the posting title for you. In this example I will say Verizon Wireless five spot, 3G mobile hotspot. When you are done speaking, tap Done.



9. If you tap and hold your finger on a specific word, or part of a sentence, a little magnifying glass will popup as shown. Moving your finger from left to right, while holding, will allow you to move the blinking blue cursor, to allow you to perform edits to the text at very specific places. Once the blinking blue cursor is where you wish to edit, let go with your finger. Now you may start using the keyboard to perform edits at this specific place in the sentence.

you can tap and hold to move the caret2


10. Tap into the phone number field, and enter a phone number to be reached at from potential buyers.

tap phone number2


11. Tap price and enter in the number of dollars you’d like to sell this item for.

tap price2


12. Tap postal code and enter the location of the item you are selling, if you would like to disclose this publicly.

tap postal code2


13. Tap specific location, and enter in more detail about where the item is being sold from. I find it good practice to give a neighborhood, or, if you live next to a landmark, like a park, enter in the park, or nearest street cross section. This gives potential buyers an idea of where to pick up the item without publishing your address publicly.

tap specific location2


14. I can tap anonymize to toggle my email handling to hide, which would hide my e-mail from the public, but I will keep it set to anonymize. The anonymize option provides an automatically generated craigslist e-mail to the public which will be sent to the e-mail address shown. This way potential buyers can still e-mail me, but they cannot see my e-mail address publicly.

email handling2


15. Tap into the description field, and describe the item being sold. Remember, you can always use the microphone icon next to the spacebar to dictate the description using your voice, and then edit it to get it just right, for additional speed. This is especially helpful when listing several items for sale at once, to reduce the amount of typing necessary.

tap description


16. Tap Continue.

tap continue2


17. Tap use Camera.

tap use camera2

18. Wait for the image to stabilize and become sharp. Once the image looks good, tap take picture button to take the picture.

wait for the image to stabilize and become sharp2


19. Tap Use Photo.

tap use photo2


20. It is usually a good idea to have multiple photos for any ad you are posting, to increase the chance of a sale, so tap use Camera again.

tap use camera again2

21. Wait for the image to stabilize and become sharp. Once the image looks good, tap take picture button to take the picture. As shown below, you can optionally tap Retake to repeat the process in case the image preview doesn’t look good. Once you are happy with the photo shown, tap Use Photo.

can retake2


22. Once you are satisfied with all the images added to the ad, tap Post.

tap post from add images2


23. Tap Ok to continue posting to craigslist. We’ll need to check our e-mail in the next step in order to complete the post. Craigslist wants to verify we are a human, with a real e-mail address.

tap ok2


24. Tap Mail, or, check your e-mail as you always do. If using another e-mail program, you can skip the next 2 steps.

tap Mail2


25. Tap Inbox.

tap Inbox2


26. Find the new e-mail that just came in from Craigslist, and tap it.

tap new mail2


27. Tap the https://post.craigslist.org/u/… link in your e-mail to continue the posting process.

tap post link2


28. Tap ACCEPT the terms of use.

tap ACCEPT the terms of use2


29. Now your new ad is public, the whole world can see it now! To see what the rest of the world sees, tap the http://reno.craigslist.org/ele/….html link.

posting can be seen2


30. Now you can see what the ad looks like to the public. If you wish to see what the other photos look like, tap on the tiny images, under the main one shown.

can tap small icons to see other photos2

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