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  1. Page 1 / 1 is empty even though my Craigslist account does actually have prior postings, they are not shown here. The app is broken since the app has not been updated in this case, yet, the CraigsList website has changed, causing this issue. Continue on the following steps to resolve this.
    1. empty table view -- nothing showing up
    2. Tap Orig View.
      1. tap Orig View
    3. You’ll see items really in the past on this account, nothing listed. This means you need to update your apps regularly, so that they can keep up with web sites that can change often, sometimes every week or two.
      1. orig view shows data
    4. Let’s continue updating this app. Press home.
      1. home
    5. Tap App Store.
      1. tap App Store
    6. Tap Updates.
      1. tap Updates
    7. Scroll down until you see the Craigslist app and tap UPDATE.
      1. tap UPDATE
    8. Press home.
      1. home
    9. Scroll over to the app, and see the update taking place.
      1. watch update
    10. Tap Craigslist.
      1. tap craigslist
    11. Tap post.
      1. tap post 1
    12. Tap My Postings. You should now see your postings listed that you can edit. Continue the prior tutorial.
      1. tap My Postings 1
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